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In my early 20’s I lived for a year in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.  Fremont was sort of mid-gentrification at that point (sadly, I was doing my part).  There were still lots of bikers and students and artists taking advantage of cheap apartments.  I was treading water, career-wise - I didn’t get in graduate school on my first try, so was juggling a few different jobs and being as close to living a bohemian as I’ll ever be.  I worked lots of odd little jobs, most with weird hours (like a 2 night a week graveyard night auditor shift at a downtown hotel).  I often found myself in Downtown Seattle around noon with my bike and nothing on my calendar the rest of the day.  I’d bike over to Pike Place market and fill my bag with the makings of dinner.  I had my favorite fishmonger and green grocer, but I really just loved the flood of people – tourists, locals, the young, the old – with every corner of the world represented there.  It has been 20 years since I left Seattle, and I don’t miss Seattle at all.  But I do wish Tacoma had its own Pike Place Market.  When I go to Seattle, I try to make a stop at Pike Place.  I hit my fishmonger (and hope she has those fresh spot shrimp) and the usual places.  And the Daily Dozen Donuts (93 Pike Street at Pike Place Market, Seattle WA 98101).  If you say the word “Seattle” to my kids, I suspect will immediately think of a mini-donut.  We always get mini-donuts when we are at Pike Place.  Always.  There is usually a line, but it is worth the wait.  Why?  For starters, they have an automated Donut Robot Mark II conveyer belt donut fryer.  I want one of those so bad.  No, I don’t know where I’d put it, but I would make it work, somehow.  Anyway, as you wait in line, you get to watch the donut machine in action.  They only have like 4 kinds of donuts – plain, cinnamon, powdered sugar, and “fancy” – meaning chocolate glazed with sprinkles.  They sell them by the dozen, and I always get a dozen (or two) assorted.  Warning – they only take cash.  They have a little spot you can eat them, or you can wander the market and munch on them.  Often, the donuts are still warm – and that, my friends, is good living.  So, hit Pike Place, do some people watching, and enjoy a mini-donut.

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